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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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re half of the parents are loes to deportation the young people needs are not met weiner i saw your insta view post to the bayview and candle stick park if you have respect to the people that remain there i hope you invest in these kids instead of putting more money into the people that are brutalizing our wit necessaried taking people off the street over the age of 18 and spending two hours taking pictures of them publicly humiliating them and manned handling 16 year old girls i lep hope you will put money in this instead of handling their needs
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thank you. [applause] >> is there any other person that would like to speak in public comment seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor avalos i see your name first >> thank you. i appreciate all the people here to talk about this resolution this strikes a cord there is not clur unanimity how to deal with security and safety in san photograph i have from both sides of this iesh you i constantly hear from both sides of the issue about police officers this is not about the hiring plan the mayor presented to the board of supervisors this is about above going above and beyond that our city charter institution puts us at minimum staffing of police officers we
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haven't been there since 2009 i understand when residents ask for better quality policing and beat officers that the resources aren't there because we're well below the staffing levels to do that the last time we had consistent beat officers i know what i'm saying is not universally accepted we got to the minimum staffing level prap ever and that is the only time we had consistent beat officers in san francisco i have a lot of residents calling for beat officers i'm calling for that if we have policing that say better way of having policing where it's done effectively and done right with relationship building we are not there to have the staffing to do that and i believe that this resolution is
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increasing the size of our staffing level of the police department after we get to the 1971 level that is not only that should be done starting a process where we later have a charter amendment to lock that in to me it makes much more sense we engage as a city overall how to do it a united way discussing whether or not we should increase our staffing level we should have department of public health in place and community in place to do part of the discussion not something being driven single mindedly i believe by the police department and people that feel that's what the police department should be doing that is not a good way of making public policy and not a good way of asserting getting to police level of staffing and from san franciscoians are going to bear the brunt of that type
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of policing we have. we talked about the clinton administration had increased funds that police departments around the country could use to increase their staffing levels it was under the clinton administration we we reached the 2 million person level of the overall incarceration in san francisco. is there a correlation of the size of the police department and people getting arrested yes there is. i don't think that is something we want to go through again i talked about the concept put furt by michelle aloha exender called the new jim crow that is not to the extent in san francisco as other peoples but here where we reflect attitudes about race but our laws
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disproportionally effect african american people in our jails so if we talk about increasing overall level of incar raegs system specifically african americans and latino people this resolution is going to get out of this committee it's go going to need amendments the way it's written now as if population growth is the only way we can think about what our staffing level should be is an absurd notion. i would like to propose we table or continue this resolution to me it makes no sense we engage in this when we're engaged fully as a city versus the quality of our policing is versus the quantity of what our policing is. we have people that don't feel that police are humane enough
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treating in our communities it's the not the right time to put forward staffing in population i would like to request that we table or amendment we have unanimity ot the board of supervisors of supporting eight academy classes in the next two years let's see what happens if we have the quality of police we're speaking from the beat office irs to the community policing that's where we can test if it makes sense to put it on a higher level to put the cart before the horse doesn't make any sense to me. >> thank you. supervisor kim? >> thank you. i will restate again i think this is an important conversation to have i'm glad to have this conversation we have
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to do a number of things one we really need to have this conversation about having sfpd hit their goal and hitting the targets there are a number of police officers that are doing human resources that are doing it tech finance these are officers we train at an average of $175,000 a year that could be on the streets on the beat we need to make sure we get that so we're deploying resources adequately two we had a conversation with the sheriff about the level from our peace officers we know the sheriff can do at an affordable rate from our police department transfer to jail or hospital can be done by sheriffs and special events
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other sorts of things that is less per individual than sfpd when we look at ou we're investing our budget we have to look at the cost versus investment when we look at the police pores how does that take away from our ability to invest in school programs and housing? we have to have a larger picture of what it means to build a safer city a 3 or 4 prong approach with commitments together i think it's difficult to make a decision on the number we want to get to when we don't have a discussion about the whole picture of what it means to make our city safer outcomes they can be accidental or half stance it has to be an intentional conversation as a policy maker it's temping to say
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we increased police officers over the next four years what is hard to say is we made the city safe ear because we have more classroom teachers and we have after school program that are struggling in the shelter system and in our homes finally i want to say this i want to bring this uch because it's not what we discussed about the hiring it came out through the public comment the bias the shootings even the homicides are not just on sfpd alone this body is accountable is accountable for the all of the sfpd takes on the street every year we fund this organization we fund the arming of our officers we fund a training program and protocol that shootings and necessary even killings are necessary for public safety this is not to say
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this is the wrong conclusion let's take accountability for what the members of the public are telling us on the street on a daily basis. this is not a prosecution are the police some of the best human beings i have met are our police officers because they're reflective of a larger society including failings of society until we erase racism or transphobia -- not this body not sfpd as we talk about not only increasing but man dating that of the police let's have a deep discussion that is comprehensive may be the right answer but let's take a look at other known solution to prevent crime. police conot prevent crime
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keeping kids in school prevents crime keeping families housed prevent crimes police are ponting to the inequity acor opportunity gap does not address. homeless homelessness or crimes ofdecember per raegs -- a little ov over $2 million a year we have close to 3,000 children in san francisco that don't have a real home f we want a safer city we have to look at programs and adults that keep our programs in school counsel lores for classroom size and after school programs, police officers know better than anybody in this
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room they know what detoured individuals from crime when i was on the school board i heard 70% in the county jail are drop outs there is a clear school to prison pipeline we have to look at what it means to invest in education so we're not sending individuals to that institution. i know that every one on this board supports everything that i just said punning our schools funding after school programs housing homeless individuals but it's impossible to say you truly support it if you are willing to to make to all of these new officers at $175,000 on average thousand will that impact our ability to invest in our schools and housing programs that's why
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i'm saying i think we should discuss this we have to do this all together a budget is a finite number we have seen this in our state budget over the last three decades when you look at funding versus education system our budget population system has gone up threefold and budget education has gone down by 1/third that has gone straight into our prison system we can't say we want it all everything is a choice in our budget i will make a motion to continue this item i think this say good discussion to have i would like to have more time as we figure out what the proper investment in is in all of these different silos >> supervisor kim has made a motion to continue which item? student:
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>> item number two is the actual resolution >> a motion made is there a second? >> there doesn't need to be a second >> the motion fails i'm sorry. in committee there doesn't need to be a second. >> excuse me let's do roll call vote then. >> i'm sorry is this a motion to continue to call the chair? >> no this say motion to continue -- >> i will make it a motion to continue to the call to the chair. >> supervisor kim? aye. supervisor weiner? no. supervisor cohen? no. >> two no's one aye motion fails. >> thank you for the discussion today i know we have
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disagreements i think it has been a positive discussion today. and thank you to all of the members of the public who came out. regardless of their perspective on this. >> let's be respectful. (speaking off the mic from the audience) >> let's be respectful. >> that's disrespectful for a long line of people. >> i listened to every minute. i listened to every minute of public community even though the ones going after me now it's my turn to comment. (multiple speakers from the audience) >> everyone i will ask you to be respectful i think our actions speak for ourselves. >> madame chair i will continue.
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i was actually pleased to hear supervisor avalos he supports the police academy in the budget i he'd something i felt different in the from the xhner >> i questioned how much money it was that is all. >> just to be clear the police academy we have right now will get us back to where we were years ago if we keep it up 2 to 3 years we will get back to where we were in terms of police staffing years ago when we had neighborhoods now that didn't exist then so the academy classes we're budgeting now are critical by getting back to where we were back in the day before we ent have population growth is not going to get us where we need to be. it's not just about saying that
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because the population is x therefore increase the minimum staffing level from 1971 to x that is part of it but that number of 2200 officers we don't just get there from the population growth we also get there by looking at the perf report from 2008. which recommended a higher number we averaged the all citieses in the middle. it puts us at 2200 officers in long term staffing goal it makes sense in many ways i know we have been asking a national discussion about policing and we know we need accountability we need to improve relations between police and our general population and community policing is key to that. it is unbelievably chancing to do community policing when you don't have enough police
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officers we know response times are up we know crime is up we know we have many problems in this city including lack of traffic enforcement beat walking resulting directly from the lack of staffing there are people that see it every day that there are not enough police officers in the neighborhoods, and the response times are not where they need to be this say good resolution madame chair i move that we forward item two the resolution to the full board of supervisors with a positive recommendation and we file item number one the hearing. >> okay there is a motion that's been made let's do a roll call vote. >> i will say a couple of things i know this motion will move forward and go to the full board again there is no causal connection between the increase in police officers and the increase of property crimes we
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have seen i have to commend our police we have one of the lower levels of violent crimes across this country with the number of officers that we currently have for every city you can demonstrate we have more police officers to ratio in residents i can name the same number of cities that have a higher ratio of residents to officers i named them earlier san jose san diego even los angeles is comparable to san francisco when we're able to increase our police to the current levels that are mandated by the city charter i think it is very early to make a commitment to increasing that number above the one we already have from the city charter i support the academy classes that are go going to raise the levels to the minimum staffing requirements by the city charter i don't understand why we have to commit to anything above that level and b without a
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comprehensive programs we need to invest in to make our cities safe ear it's not an either or conversations we can't fund anything i can't agree to that right now it's not to say i can't agree to that in the future i think this resolution is where where i will be voting against it [applause] . >> thank you. i would like to make a couple of comments to the folks again i asked for permission to leave the meeting i had another meeting. i understand that that is the most -- it can be interpreted disrespectfully. >> it is >> let me offer an apologize if
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you interpreted that as being disrespectful i want to reflect on a couple of things. >> you didn't do anything you left! >> first of all i'm happy to meet with you in my office. (speaking off the mic) >> in order for us to move together as a community we have to show respect even when we disagree. i'm here now. i'm -- listen to me -- i'm here to extend an invitation who would like to meet with me their public comment i'm happy to extend that to everyone. it's not a problem. i'm talking to everyone not just one specific person first of all i'm happy to entertain any
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proposal and suggest from this body to further discussion on public safety this is not as flat and one dimensional about police ones i have championed in years pasti want i to recognize the fatherhood program bringing young men we have a program called my brother's keeper champion increasing funding ucsf that specifically targets family effected by gun items you heard about the success of gun bye back programs i agree we need to have additional resources for homeless outreach not only for quality public education but also workforce housing and
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workforce development we continue to develop not just in south eastern but other part of neighborhoods the other thing i want would like to explore is expanding way we can expand sheriff's department so we can share the public safety responsibilities if we're leaving resources on the table i think that is a crime in itself it's important we come up to something that is beneficial to the constituents of san francisco this needs to be beneficial to the sheriff and police department so it's good to hear the sheriff come down and talk about the possible ways we can begin to collaborate i hope colleagues you will join me on that effort to continue in ensure san francisco is safe for everyone's there's been a motion
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made now it's time for a roll call vote >> actually chair cohen since you are asking for suggestions i can can make a suggestion right now on the resolution so i'm going to make' motion to amend >> i believe there is already a motion before i'm sorry supervisor kim we have to take this vote so you can make yours afterthe motion >> you made communities after the motion so i would like to make my suggestion on how we can move forward on this resolution >> okay >> if it is we want to have a long term discussion on the things you brought up which i would agree with i would suggest at the second further resolve that the board will examine increasing police staffing goal to exceed sworn duty officers
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that will bring them into line with the san francisco current population and strike that the board fully fundings, the police academy this looks like a typo in exceed 240 sworn duty officers this needs to be clarified grammatically this will open the door for us having the conversation of exceeding 2200 officers, while examining this is the best way to invest finite dollars to invest in our budget to make the safety ear. >> roll call item two to recommend to the whole boor. supervisorer kim? no. weiner? aye. cohen? aye. you have two ayes this motion
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passes. i'm sorry to file item one? >> supervisorer weiner would like to make comments >> i'm guessing that would be unanimous i don't know. resident less ebbing take roll call for item one. >> supervisorer kim? aye. weiner? aye. and supervisorer cohen aye. motion passes. >> thank you. >> we have a motion on the floor from supervisor kim to amend item two? >> it's moved out of committee would you move the next item? >> (audience speaking off the mic) we will be back. [inaudible] >> madame clerk please call the
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next item. >> item number four subdivision code below market rate condominium conversion program alternatives >> thank you supervisorer breed is the author of this item one of our member of staff will be joining us shortly let let's begin with the mayor's office of house why and their presentation mr. johnson is here. >> audience speaking off the mic) it's not right what they do to my son. >> please close the door. >> good afternoon i want to give brief background i will try to be quick i know it's been an a long meeting san francisco act
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in 1979 required 10% of the below mark rate or bmr 10% of the units had the right to purchase their unit prior to 1992 had the right to leave the bmr by paying a fee. in 2008 the board of supervisors passed an ordinance for executive option expired january 18th, 2011. at the time 2008 amendment was passed tried to contact of the data base to advise them of the pending data pace there is a number of bmr units not added in the data base in the first place therefore may may not have to received correct notice their
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option to opt out of the program -- it's only occurs to a tienly subset of properties those purchased prior to 1992 and were eligible for the fee to xikt option but were not notified of that fee operation -- just as they would have been entitled to do. just if the city had been notified at the time. we know of one search property. in waller street it's a senior orphan text fixed income he refused his right to purchase the unit. it was not included in the data base from the two previous own
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>> seeing no public comment public comment on this is closed item number pour supervisorer weiner >> i move to item number four as a committee report as a positive recommendation >> without objection this motion passes >>